Wall art collections

Don’t hide your digitals in a drawer, have your favourite images displayed right in front of your eyes.

Collection 1

Frames: £499, one 24×16”, two 12×16”

Acrylic:£699, one 20x30”, two 16x20”

Leeds portrait photographer
Wall art collection, Leeds photographer

Collection 2

Frames:£499, two 12×16” and two 8×12”

Acrylic:£849, four 20x20”

wall collection 2.jpg
wall art acrylic square.jpg

Collection 3

Set of 8 framed prints: £749, two 14×11”, two 10×8”, two 5×7” and two 7×5”

Leeds portrait photographer

Collection 4

Set of 5 framed prints: £649, one 24×20” and four 12×8”

wall art collection 4.jpg